Dr Michael Cannell

Integrated Medical Practitioner and Private Doctor specialising in Integrated medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy and Acupuncture in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Homeopathic Medicine

I worked at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine for over twelve years in the general medical, children's clinics and then the rheumatology/musculo-skeletal department.

Patients have found the homeopathic approach to be useful for children with conditions such as allergies, atopic disorders such as eczema, asthma and hay fever and those with ADHD / Hyperactive and Learning Disorders.

Adult patients have found that the homeopathic approach is very helpful in many conditions; for example headaches, arthritis, digestive disorders, mood disorders and helps to support the immune system, which assists the fight against infections.

Others have found it useful in many emotional problems such as anxiety, depression and mood disorders alongside other psychological support.


In 2004, I started my foundational training in acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS). 1 then proceeded to update my training and gained my Basic Safety and Competence Award in 2008.

In 2008-9, my N.H.S practice won awards from The Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health and from the N.H.S Alliance for the use of acupuncture for chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis. I am registered, with the Hertfordshire PCT, as a 'GP with special interest' in acupuncture.

In 2012, I gained my Postgraduate Diploma in Western Medical Acupuncture (Univ of Hertfordshire) which gave me full accreditation with the BMAS. I am on the insurance panel PPP/AXA for Acupuncture.

I worked at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine for over twelve years in the general medical, children's clinics and now the rheumatology/musculoskeletal department.

Patients have found acupuncture to be useful for many conditions such as for Migraine. Chronic headaches, neck and back pain osteoarthritis, soft tissue conditions such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, some chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. Patients have found it useful too with sinusitis and hay fever.

Nutritional Medicine

Health and disease are strongly influenced by our diet and nutrition, and other lifestyle factors. We are beginning to understand the interplay between the wider environment, our diet and our genetic makeup.

‘Nutritional Medicine is based on the principle that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are required for the proper functioning of all the biochemical processes on which our bodies depend. Therefore, when treating symptoms or diseases, we look for the underlying causes which, although often partly genetic, are usually very much tied up with nutritional and environmental factors. This is in contrast to the tendency in the conventional medical approach to treat symptoms by means of drugs or surgery’ to quote from Meldrum JM Nutr Health.

See my 'resources' for more information.


Micro-immunotherapy is a therapeutic approached by a Belgian physician Dr Janaer, in the 1970’s, aimed at promoting the Auto-regulation of the immune system by using immunomodulatory substances (eg Cytokines) in low and ultra-low doses (Dr Jenaer 1926-2016). From his investigations, he determined that the application of low doses of sublingually-administered immune messengers would offer a previously undiscovered therapeutic capability with optimal tolerability.

Dr Marichel further developed this approach using specific nucleic acids (SNA) to influence regulatory viral replication, transcription of pathological proteins and other epigenetic approaches.

This approach has a wide range of applications; including viral conditions, post- viral conditions, post-covid, inflammatory and allergic conditions, arthritis and other conditions.


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